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Scott Yarish, MD
950 Threadneedle St.
Suite 280
Houston, TX 77079

About Dr. Scott Yarish

My philosophy is to work with each patient to achieve the image they desire through a comprehensive and personalized approach to cosmetic surgery, all the while focusing on overall health and well-being. My passion for sculpting and my continued study of the human form have been instrumental with my knowledge of how subtle changes can make a very dramatic difference in overall results. So I apply those techniques daily in the art of plastic surgery. Owing to my passion for art, aesthetic balance is very important to me. Aesthetic balance and good taste are not taught in surgical training, but are essential to successful results and satisfied patients. I make significant cosmetic changes for patients every day and those changes look natural, not surgical. Understanding the fundamental nature of beauty – how we perceive it and how it personally affects us, and combining the art and science of plastic surgery with my own personal and gentle touch, allows me to create long lasting, natural results for my patients.

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