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Invisalign vs. Veneers

I'm 32, interested in either Invisalign + whitening or veneers, I'm not really sure until I visit an office to see which option is best for me. However, I've never had my wisdom teeth taken out and I can feel them trying to poke their way through on the bottom (no issues with the top widsom teeth.) It's painful for a few days and then goes away. Do I have to have these taken out prior to getting any type of smile makeover?
Kandy January 1, 2019
answered by
Robert Dernick, DDS


Thank you for your question. It sounds like you may have a wisdom tooth issue you should look into but you do not have to address that prior to a smile cosmetic makeover. They are usually independent of each other however I recommend you do address the wisdom teeth reasonably soon to prevent bigger problems with infection.

Bob Dernick DDS

answered by
Jessica Meyers, DDS

The biggest determining factor in planning the removal of the lower wisdom teeth is your level of discomfort. Decay and discomfort are always treated first, for obvious reasons, plus if you are reporting “pain” then the potential for a localized infection is present. If Invisalign + whitening or veneers are possible treatment options for you, then you can still start the Smile Makeover Consultation process to see exactly what your options are. At this time I would be able to give you a better idea of urgency for the removal of the lower wisdom teeth in relation to your esthetic treatment plan options.

Diabetes & Painful Feet

My husband is a 39 year old type 2 diabetic. He has said for years his feet are numb, but I wasn't sure how it really affected him. The other day, he was in the shower and I guess the soap got under his feet and he slipped and fell because he couldn't feel it. He is a big guy so he fell hard, tore down the shower rod and all. He's pretty bruised up and has been in pain ever since. He worries me with his feet. What causes his feet to be numb and is there anything that can be done about this or is this something he is going to live with forever? What can I do to make sure he is getting the proper care he needs for his feet? Is this something he should be seeing a foot doctor for on a regular basis? Sorry for the multiple questions, just want to be helpful and take any preventative measures possible!!
Kimberly January 1, 2019
answered by
Patrick Briggs, DPM

Numbness in the feet is a difficult problem. Yes, many diabetics can have numbness but so can a lot of the other population. We recommend all that do have numbness to be evaluated by a podiatrist or foot/ankle specialist. In many instances we can mitigate the pain associated with the numbness but more importantly prevent long term issues. However, it is important to to know that there is no cure for the numbness rather it is a condition we have to decrease the chance for issues to occur secondarily to the numbness or neuropathy.

Dr. Patrick Briggs

Bariatric Surgery

I'm a 51 year old female, I have been overweight since childhood. I am a type 2 diabetic. I'm so sick of living my life overweight. I am 5'6 and 233lbs. I've been told over the years I should consider bariatric surgery but I guess my biggest fear is that it's really dangerous. Could it make my diabetes worse? How safe is the surgery? How sudden is the weight loss? Will it put my body in shock? Does the weight stay off for good? Any insight you could provide would be wonderful. I appreciate it.
Vickie January 1, 2019
answered by
Matthew St. Laurent, MD

Bariatric surgery is very common procedure these days and is consider very safe when performed by an experienced surgeon with a good follow-up program. Long term studies have shown it to be safer than most orthopedic and heart surgeries and as safe as having your gallbladder removed. Losing weight with bariatric surgery will universally improve your diabetes. In patients who have developed diabetes as they have gained weight, they can often times see their diabetes resolve. Family history will also play a significant role, but you should see your diabetes improve. Weight loss typically will occur over a short period of time (1-2 years), which is rapid compared to the amount of time that it takes most patients to gain their weight. It should not put your body into shock, but there are guidelines that the patient must follow and supplementation that is necessary in order to help one lose weight in a healthy fashion. One important concept to understand about bariatric surgery is that it is not a cure for obesity but rather a tool to help one lose weight. Unfortunately there are no guarantees to weight loss as surgery does not make you or force you to lose weight, it simply helps patients lose their excess weight. This is similar to a shovel helping a person dig hole but not digging the hole for you. It is necessary for patients to make lifestyle changes and to make some change in their eating habits. Your best next step is to set up a consultation with a bariatric surgeon to discuss your specific medical issues and to discuss potential surgical and nonsurgical options. Take time to research bariatric surgeons in your area and to find a quality practice that can help you.

Dr. St. Laurent

Hormone Replacement

Is hormone therapy covered by insurance? If it's not, what kind of pricing am I looking at and how often do women typically come in for treatment? Are there any side effects to be aware of? I just heard about the hormone therapy and am intrigued. any info is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!
Thelma September 9, 2018
answered by
Julia Ward, MD

Insurance does not typically cover bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). How often you come in depends on the method of replacing the hormones that you choose. Typically it is 2-4 times per year. The cost again depends on the method you choose along with your health issues.

If you would like more information I am offering a free dinner seminar. Please call our office at 281-710-3380 to get scheduled.


Breast Augmentation

I am a 30 year old with a small B cup and since having children I noticed my breasts sag, they are disappointing to me when I look in the mirror and I am embarrassed to wear a swimsuit. I would love to have perky and larger breasts. If I get implants and go up to a C or D, will they still sag or will the implants help lift them too in addition to enlarging? Also, I had a friend who had breast implants and she was crying for a week after because she will still in so much pain, is that typical? I am not good with pain and really scared of the recovery part!!
Whitney September 9, 2018
answered by
Olga Bachilo, MD

Hi Whitney, It is hard to answer your question without seeing you in person or at least seeing your pictures. Sometimes you may need a lift in addition to the breast implants in order to get best shape and perky breasts. If there is only small amount of sagging, implants may help to resolve the issue. It is not typical for patients to experience a lot of pain after surgery. Some discomfort is normal, and most of my patients are able to return to work in just a few days. I welcome you to come for a complimentary consultation with me to discuss your case further. Sincerely, Olga Bachilo, MD