Skin cancer or melanoma or just sun spots?!

I just went through a friend having skin cancer, melanoma. Last night my 33 year old husband took his shirt off, and I noticed the same/similar looking spots that my friend had, ALL OVER the top of his shoulders. They're flat and not raised, but the light brown spots look like strange blobs and not just typical moles. Should he be checked? I thought maybe it's just sun damage as he works outside, but I want to be safe. How much does an overall good check cost normally?

MichelleGallagher April 4, 2019

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Tarek Fakhouri
Hi Michelle, Thank you so much for asking a valuable question. Melanoma can be very deadly if untreated. However, if caught early it can be easily cured. Early signs of melanoma can be subtle and require a skin exam by a board certified dermatologist who has additional training in skin cancer care. The cost of a skin exam is typically around 100 dollars but may be less or more if a biopsy needs to be performed. I highly recommend that you have your husband checked. My youngest melanoma patient was only 18 years old! Thank you, Tarek Tarek M Fakhouri, MD, FAAD, ACMS Mohs Surgeon