Hip pain

My husband is a 57 year old diabetic. He limps when he walks due to feet problems. He has been going crazy with hip pain, which I think is from the limping but he thinks something is wrong with his hips. Is this something that an orthopedic surgeon could help him with? We have been to so many Doctors, chiropractors, podiatrists, etc. Would a hip replacement or doing anything with his hips help? We just don't know what to do and he's miserable. I know obviously he would need to come in and be checked, but trying to see if this is even an option first. Thank you.

MichelleG September 27, 2019

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Thomas Tanous, MD
281.955.2650, Cypress, Orthopedic
Yes. If your husband has hip arthritis, a hip replacement would definitely improve his situation. Pain in the hip, limping, and stiffness are the most common complaints. Usually arthritis can be diagnosed with just a simple X-ray taken in the office. An orthopedist is definitely the right physician to diagnose and treat this condition.