Invisalign vs. Veneers

I'm 32, interested in either Invisalign + whitening or veneers, I'm not really sure until I visit an office to see which option is best for me. However, I've never had my wisdom teeth taken out and I can feel them trying to poke their way through on the bottom (no issues with the top widsom teeth.) It's painful for a few days and then goes away. Do I have to have these taken out prior to getting any type of smile makeover?

KandyA January 1, 2019

Questions Answered by Leading Local Doctors

Robert Dernick, DDS

Thank you for your question. It sounds like you may have a wisdom tooth issue you should look into but you do not have to address that prior to a smile cosmetic makeover. They are usually independent of each other however I recommend you do address the wisdom teeth reasonably soon to prevent bigger problems with infection.

Bob Dernick DDS